PORK Flavoured Sausages

PORK Flavoured Sausages

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Check out our range of flavoured sausages! 


PFS - BEEF -  Pumpkin Fetta and Spinach (Thin)

Texas - BEEF -  Capsicum and mild chili (Thin)

Chunky Chili - BEEF - Chilli (Thick)

Swag - BEEF - Tomato bacon and shallots (Thin)

WBP - BEEF - Worcestershire and black pepper (Thin)

Italian - PORK & BEEF - Olives and mozzarella (Thin)

Heritage - PORK - Lemon myrtle, apple, and spinach (Thick)

Pork and Fennel - PORK (Thin)

Chicken Sausages - Savoury sausage (Thin)