Your meat is cut up the day it is picked up by our couriers, so to ensure we have what we need, we close our orders a few days ahead of courier pick up.   Delivery is made by a refrigerated courier company, ensuring your meat is at fridge temperature to the moment it is delivered to your door. Our packaging can be either cardboard boxes (for those that will be home on delivery) or insulated boxes. Please let us know if you will require an insulated box.

Once you place your order, we will be in contact with you the Tuesday before your delivery goes out with the date you should receive your order - this may vary slightly if there are unexpected changes from the courier company.  In rare cases,  the couriers may need to reschedule your delivery day, but either they or we will be in contact with you if this is the case. You will receive a message from the couriers the night before or the day of delivery with a 2 hour delivery ETA (this can be affected by traffic conditions!).

We Deliver to:

  • NSW
  • ACT
  • QLD 
  • VIC

For any enquiries on delivery dates or locations please contact us via email!