Our Story

Welcome to WM Meats!

We are a family-owned farm that has been providing high-quality meat to families like yours for years. Our love of farming started at a young age. Matt grew up helping his grandfather cut corn and feed the cattle on school holidays, while I always wanted to be on a property since I was a little girl. We have been together since we were 16 and have always loved everything and anything farming. We spent every spare minute we had farming and improving the property Matt’s mum and dad have, and were then lucky enough with their support to buy our own farm where we currently farm our beef in a small town on the mid north coast called Gladstone.

Our beef is grass-fed with access to DDG Pellets. Our cattle are hormone free, Antibiotic free and chemical free. All our pasture and grasses are fertilised with 100% natural fertiliser

We have two small children, Matilda and Thomas. Matilda is fearless and ruthless, loves animals and is a big help to us on the farm. Thomas is wild and just loves the outdoors.

Our goal is to provide sustainable, quality meat for our customers at affordable prices. Thank you for choosing WM Meats!