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Matt and I dreamt of owning and running a farm, and we have been able to turn our dreams into our reality. Since starting our family farm, our business has grown, and now we are able to share the beef we raise directly from our farm to your table!  Ensuring our animals are ethically grown, and maintaining their welfare and environment is our highest priority.  Our beef is antibiotic free, hormone free, and free range. We don’t use chemicals on our farm, instead we use natural fertiliser and spend many man hours slashing and mulching our paddocks as an alternative of spraying for weeds to ensure our animals are grazing on the best quality grasses. We know what it takes to create the best quality product!

Our pork lamb and chicken are all sourced from reputable business including local farms. Order you meat from us, you will be supporting a farming family and small business! We would love your support!

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Matt and Jacqui, Directors, WM Meats

Gladstone, NSW
0407 183 188

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