Our Difference

Want to know why our WM Meat is so much better than anywhere else? Or why buying from us is the way to go? 

We have built an accredited licenced boning room on the farm that enables us to cut up and package all our beef on the farm, this ensures that you receive the freshest possible beef that is passed through as minimal hands as possible before arriving on your doorstep.

To achieve the high quality meat we provide the carcass is hung for a minimum of 7 days, this allows the natural enzymes to release and this increases the tenderness of the meat.

We also have a Thermoforming packaging and cryovac machine that guarantees your meat is specially packaged to provide you the ultimate shelf life possible and to seal in that delicious freshness. This packaging also prevents leakage (because lets face it there is nothing worse than getting home & finding that your meat has leaked blood everywhere) and freezer burn.
Our cattle have access to both grass and grain, the benefits of having both results in a superior product. Our grain is a specially formulated recipe that Trevor has developed over many years, it is all mixed on site at the farm with only the best ingredients purchased from Australian farmers.

Our cattle are both a mix of on farm bred or purchased from local sales (supporting other like minded Nambucca Valley farmers) as weaners and are finished on the farm.

We use a range of different breeds of cattle, sticking to the British breeds that produce the tastiest meat possible these include- Herefords (Trevor’s personal favourites), Angus and Murray Greys.

To create less stress on our livestock we do not use motorbikes, we mostly use horses or trained dogs to check and round up our stock.

The cattle are rotated from one paddock to another to allow for regeneration of grass. Our farmhouse and boning room relies solely on rainwater tanks so we are very water efficient and conscious.

We have an on farm biosecurity plan and are accredited with the Livestock and Pest Authority (LPA).