WM Meats was founded in 2017 but the Welsh family have been in the Nambucca Valley since 1868. Trevor, a Welsh descendant, is a 5th generation farmer so it's fair to say that farming is in his blood and long before WM Meats started Farmer Trev has been perfecting his craft - just ask him about the secret grain mix he has been working on for years! 
While Trevor dreamt of being a farmer for as long as he can remember, he would be the first to tell you that none of this would of happened without Tracie. The two of them are quite the team and have always stood firm that the quality of our meat needed to never sway - the goal was and always has been to let our customers enjoy the best quality meat direct from the Farm, the stuff we feed our own family!
Trevor & Tracie can't take all the credit though, WM Meats is the brainchild of Megan & Ritchie (Trevor & Tracie's eldest Daughter & Son-in-law). They were living in Toowoomba back in 2013 and had been spoilt back home with the meat from the farm always on offer. They struggled to find anything that came close and had Trevor & Tracie bringing esky's full with them whenever they visited. 
Quickly the family grew and their hearts yearned to move back to the farm so they could raise the girls on the land enjoying the beautiful farm life and to be closer to their doting grandparents. This was the when the stars aligned and WM Meats was born. 

As WM Meats has grown, so has the family. Megan and Ritchie are now the proud parents to three gorgeous girls - Macy, Kelsey and Lucy and in July this year welcomed baby Harvey.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing, 2019 we had the worst drought Trev can remember, then the bushfires tore through in November, followed by floods in February. Farming isn't for the faint hearted but we do think we have the best office in the world. 


Thank you for joining the WM Family and for supporting Aussie Farmers and buying direct!